Welcome to Sam Warr Photography

Photography but not as you know it. London but not as you've seen it. 

I learnt to ply my trade at the school of hard knocks, (scrapes and crashes) on the mean streets of London as a Cycle courier, delivering packages around the big smoke. It is there that I got to see London for what it really is, or was. My London, the real London in all its beauty, grime and ruin. I found myself in all the back streets and alleyways and got the chance to capture the city for what it truly is. Not the boring tired images of London that you see churned out too many times by others.

After spending 5 years on the road I decided to quit the messenger life, and give my hobby as a photographer a go to earn a crust. 

Growing up in Greenwich and all around the Manor, the only place to sell my images was Greenwich market. When I was a kid my Mum had a stall here and I spent my youth running around the market. 

All my images are available in any size, and framed in any colour to suit your needs. 

I'm also available for commissions. Weddings, Bar mitzvahs, pet shoots, you name it. Just ask.